Be careful to do business Business

shop to do business, the cost of investment is not high, the accumulation of a variety of goods is also very much, if the fire caused by carelessness, which is not a small loss. Therefore, we need to be careful to do business, this will be a great guarantee for business success.

a few days ago, I heard that the field of the mall fire, more than and 70 shops damaged. I hear some scared, you know that it is a smoke-free mall, why there will be a fire? Is the line aging? Or where the bad contact? Or which businesses or customers do not pay attention to carry out fire?

I have always been very careful, always the purpose is: be careful not to make mistakes. The store is doing business department, gas stove cooking often placed in the shop, I was back to the store at night, and every time back to when the check valve is closed, after careful examination, can be assured to leave.

store has four lights, two freezers, two color TV sets, three computers, four mobile phones, a rice cooker and a battery car. These facilities will be used to tap the power line, coupled with the shop has been open for ten years, so I pay special attention to the safety of the wire. I regularly let her husband check all the power interface and the entire line of wear and aging, basically two years for a new line and socket, always maintain the quality of the power line, the security risks to a minimum.

a lot of business accidents are usually not careful enough to lead, in fact, as long as careful treatment, the probability of success will be greatly improved. In addition to do these things, in fact, far from enough, every day before going to bed, I have to turn off the gateway power, unplug all the charging socket, has developed a habit, ten years such as a day. I think I’ll stick to it.

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