2012 small cost money project

small cost can also be achieved in your life, as long as the right idea, seize the opportunity, the next owner of wealth is you, we have to look at what the small entrepreneurial good project!

small cost to join the project: young people DIY jewelry store

for position: the place where young people gather. DIY jewelry, because of its unique characteristics, by the 80, 90 and other favorite, has a huge potential market.

small cost to join the project: chestnut – Soybean Milk

position: suitable for high traffic areas. A chestnut – Soybean Milk because of less investment and quick, the popularity of higher a series of advantages, in the entrepreneurial project promotion is very welcome to come to consult, surrounded by small booth in front of the public.

small cost to join the project: Hunan Changsha Stinky tofu

for location: near the school, walking street, where a large flow of people. Small business venture to join the advantages of the project, less investment, quick results, high income, for entrepreneurs to join, give guidance, preferential policies, site guidance and other help.

small cost to join the project: Super Space Technology Industry


small cost to join the project: magic toy balloon

small cost to join the project: cake room


boutique recommended: silver source lighter ignite rich business opportunities


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