Now the price war in the food and beverage market also effectively do all the business

are you still think this is a price to overcome all of the consumer market, if you still think that as long as the price war started will be able to overcome everything, then will eventually lose miserably, because you don’t know that there are many breakfast shop price rises, consumers and more phenomenon? Let’s take a look at it.

a cell door several breakfast stalls, the business is comparable, selling fritters are also 1 yuan per root. Later, there is a store on their own stalls and pricing made a change: fried dough sticks 3 yuan per root, only a day to blow up the 300, and the daily use of high quality, high price of oil left by the empty barrels stacked in front of the store.


owner of the move so many colleagues deeply doubt, despite the rising price of the product, but the price of high-quality oil is not cheap, profit margins have not significantly improved. In addition, consumers can also accept the price of breakfast? However, a few days before the stall to buy breakfast, people will queue up every day.

Xiao Bian believes that there are two key changes in store

1, recognize the real needs of customers: the price is really sensitive to the customer, but compared with the delicious and safe, the customer pay more attention to the latter. In other words, the value of money is the real needs of customers, as customers do not mind paying for the elegant and comfortable dining environment.

2, let the customer see your efforts and changes: will be used every day to show the drum, so that customers see and believe that you change.

restaurant should not mean to consumers to explain or demonstrate the achievement of their own ingenuity and, after all, the customer is not gourmet, they are very difficult to judge you and competitors who is more outstanding. Therefore, you will be unique advantages as much as possible to enlarge, so that consumers understand your products and brands, in order to really fall in love with it.

hope the above introduction can give you the catering business to bring a bit of inspiration, what if there are other problems need to know, please in the message below our website, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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