What is the strategy to solve the clothing inventory

although who do not want to overstock inventory, but the current store, whether or not, the phenomenon of inventory is very common. Once the backlog of goods, naturally need to find ways to solve inventory. In the "art of war", the worst is that usually no overall plan for a fundamental transformation of the way to solve the clothing inventory plan is auspicious, without considering the comprehensive export, inventory simplification, compression inventory purpose is simple, only reduce inventory, regardless of cost, brand image synthesis factor.


plan can not simply say that it is not good to solve the clothing inventory strategy, sometimes can also be used in such case:

solution for stock price to sell

1 plan:

is the simplest and most commonly used method in all library methods. This method has two characteristics, the first is the price characteristics. The practice of the majority of enterprises in the original price discount is 80 percent off, 90 percent off or even zero several fold, after the original price level is still heavy, but the price in most cases has been reduced to below cost, reduced to enterprises usually despise those brands below the price.

this followed the emergence of second features do not speak brand image. The purpose of maintaining a relatively high price of many brands is not simply to grab high profits, more often, in order to maintain an enterprise’s target customer community, maintaining brand image. At this time, the price of this feature is located in the clearance of the demand, what kind of customers come in.

is called the worst, only sell the cost and profit of upside down is a factor; another factor is its brand image of the destructive. However, as a casual, small-scale clearance means, this approach is also useful.


donated clothing inventory plan

I do not know what time

, entrepreneurs invented clear in this way, the annual inventory no way to sell products to the poor, and no longer will fall when those things hard to sell, but also won the praise of relevant departments. Under normal circumstances, the cost of corporate sales inventory than normal sales, therefore, if you do not consider the material cost of the mouth of the product, the sale of inventory is not worth the candle. Thus, the owner of such a clean way to find a pretty proud. But this approach, there is a point of public relations, but does not involve corporate behavior.

this inventory cleanup approach, there is an unexpected risk, that is, once these products are worn by migrant workers from the village to the city, the image of the enterprise risk appeared. In addition, many women’s products are not suitable for the needs of Taiwan’s rural areas, long-term to do so, it will cause resentment of local government departments.


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