2016 38 women’s day programme of activities the theme of the 38 women’s Day

2016 38 women’s Day program, I wish the beautiful women’s day in women’s happiness, I wish you a sweet life, every day smiling face!

A, organizer: XXX

two, time: March 8, 2011 morning to afternoon

three, venue: Xx

four, schedule

1, fun sports activities held at 11 a.m..

2, lunch at noon 12.:30.

3, afternoon free arrangement. (KTV and chess room open to everyone)

4, dinner at 6 p.m..

1, five collective relay rope skipping: 5 people a game, after the game began to take the players to enter one by one way, running around the route for the 8 words, the number of rope skipping was Complete time control within 3 minutes to get prizes.

2, two person three foot run. Two people run the distance of 30 meters of the three legs. Will be awarded in 10 seconds.

3, turn hula hoop. In a minute to the fastest speed hula hoop, more than 50 laps to win prizes.

4, slow bike ride. Match the length of 15 meters, the race car not out of bounds, people are not allowed to leave the car, no feet touch the ground, otherwise regarded as illegal regardless of race. Time control in 10 seconds or more will receive the corresponding prizes.

5, five people tray (tray table tennis) relay race. Each group of 5 people, opposite to stand on the runway with a distance of 30 meters with a single hand table with a table tennis ball relay. If the table tennis ball falls to the ground, the competitor must return to the place where the ball is dropped and start the game again until the tray and table tennis ball are handed over to the companion. Complete time control within 2 minutes to get prizes.

five, budget: 60 yuan / person. (including prizes, dining, chess, tea and KTV costs) the activities of the Trade Union asked all female staff on March 8th to actively participate in the school, something not required to fulfill the formalities leave, please have a class that day female teacher after class to Xx dining and participate in the activities of the afternoon. I wish all the staff of the 38 women’s day happy, healthy, beautiful and happy forever! I wish all staff and workers a happy family! Related recommendation

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