Schools around the shop to consider what

if you want to talk about the current shop where the golden place, the school is undoubtedly a very important place. However, it is precisely because we have such a consensus, resulting in such a business choice is very much. Therefore, if you want to successfully set up shop, although the surrounding school is a good choice, but also need to consider more factors.

surrounding schools, especially in the vicinity of the university has always been a battleground for businesses. Tens of thousands of people’s campus, contains a huge business opportunities, all kinds of formats everything, filled with food, clothing, business super, glasses shop, hair salon…… All walks of life development space, can meet the needs of all learning and life and all kinds of entrepreneurs crush like around the school for Feng Shui piece of treasure, however, the business up to know, in fact, may not have imagined so well.

although the school has a huge geographical advantage, but if entrepreneurs do not have experience and resources, success is still difficult to fall. Many colleges and universities around the entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial guidance experts believe that colleges and universities surrounding the shop as much as the risk of the downtown business district, making money is not so easy. So, in the campus to do business, how to do to make money? Entrepreneurship has a good geographical advantage, but also have a good project, no experience entrepreneurs choose to join the project is very important.

In fact, some colleges and universities in the form of

is a good choice, but entrepreneurs to understand one thing. Most of the surrounding colleges and universities belong to the long-term development of the old market, all walks of life in a saturated state, want to develop their own characteristics. Although it seems that the market is huge, the money is very good to make money, in fact, otherwise. If the sale of goods and services provided are not characteristic, it is not easy to survive in Colleges and universities.

this is also a lot of shops flock to the surrounding colleges and universities, and then out of the results. The catering industry has advantages in development around the school, everyone cannot do without eating, and have a million people in the area, also have their own characteristics to open restaurants, the difference in other food and beverage brands, let oneself more advantage.

open restaurant must be selected at the school gate, the entrance to the school or the entrance to the hostel more than two hundred or three hundred meters, it is not a good place. Location is particularly important for the catering industry. Because students do not go far to eat a meal or a cold drink out of the distance. Of course, the higher the cost of the shop near the entrance of the school will be higher, directly reflected in the rental housing.

now college students are 90 groups, they prefer to try new things, advocating new consumption, entrepreneurs only cater to their needs will have a market. Therefore, a number of specialty shops or leisure shops, drinks, tea shops and other places, popularity is good, easier to stand firm.

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