The successful experience of laid off workers to start a business is worth learning

in our country, because of the severe employment situation, there have been a number of people unemployed at home, some of them like this, there are a number of laid-off workers, here, take a look at one of the laid-off workers entrepreneurial success story.

entrepreneurship laid-off workers

in the re employment and entrepreneurship, Chen Yafei chose to do poineering work, after the charge, she began to search for entrepreneurial projects on the internet. At that time, the florist market is not clear, but in the future development is very good, so Chen Yafei decided to open a flower shop. Laid-off workers do poineering work what good? Despite the opposition of his friends, Chen Yafei opened a flower shop.

when the florist business is not good, after operating for a long time business has been very gloomy, but Chen Yafei did not get disheartened. How does the flower shop open? In the course of business, the accumulation of knowledge, and applied to practice. In the course of business, Chen Yafei also pay great attention to quality, service attitude is good, and can adhere to, so in second years time, there is a turn for the better.

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