Xiamen car life museum to create car service requirement

car in the current market has gradually become popular, a lot of people have become a car owners, but China’s auto market is still in a perfect stage, so many aspects have yet to be developed. In November 25th, a comprehensive exhibition of "new experiential car is located at No. 8 Changle Road Kenfair car life Museum" in advance to meet with the Xiamen media reported, the living museum will be officially opened next month, will create a more comprehensive service facilities, we look forward to its arrival!

it is understood that the construction of the car for the life of the building for the development of the car to build a new type of automotive experience integrated exhibition hall. Different from the traditional automobile 4S shop business model, build the car life Museum in auto sales, will also be car culture, car life and car experience together, to create "the core concept of automobile service demand", to establish the "construction" as the brand logo of the automobile service brand.

in order to cater to the current emerging consumer groups, the development of the car life museum to create a unique style of the industry, in the standard car 4S shop in Xiamen city car, really refreshing. The diversity of life boat club, car assembly building start theme cafes, cinemas, car supercar tasting, cross-border light luxury goods display, car game experience facilities, based on car sales function, pay more attention to the consumer experience of automobile culture.

promotion, construction of car life Museum general manager Zheng Jianping introduced the construction of car life museum will have four main business: parallel import car customization, auto service, customer service of high-quality second-hand car sales and accessibility of automobile finance. Relying on the powerful built cars and imported cars in the market for many years of hard work, the construction of the car life Museum parallel import car customization center will also be in the high-end brand of imported cars mainly focus on customer needs, service launched on a certain system and a variety of financial services Car Buying case.

car life Museum high-end boutique second-hand car sales is based on the construction of the car’s hands built car brand, the main Porsche, Land Rover and Jaguar luxury brand certified used car. At the same time, will provide second-hand car sales and vehicle management services, such as the whole process of service.

Xiamen car life Museum, to create "automobile service demand", in the future will be for the majority of owners to provide more quality services. It is worth mentioning that, in the hall of the operation, construction of car life museum also emerge, in addition to conventional automobile marketing activities, will regularly launch watches appreciation, art galleries, fashion show, music festivals, lie trendsetter, lead the automotive consumer cross-border business in the new fashion, to create a new business model.

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