Open grain and oil stores to do what Nine work

if you want to successfully open a shop, we still need to do a good job in all aspects of the work, so that the success rate of the shop will be higher. So, if we want to successfully open a grain and oil store, you need to do the following Xiaobian introduced nine to work, so that we can make a higher success rate.

operating in the market, many people want to open shops or grain, grain and oil processing, or open the snack bar, however, in running these grain shops, some operators tend to ignore the business environment, geographical location, and always think that more local people run shops, grain and oil processing food will profit…… As a result, the start-up is unsatisfactory. It should be noted that, in order to operate in the market, the opening of grain and oil stores to win profits, must not be on a whim, but can not be subjective, must be done at the start of the nine".

to select the target. Select the target, is to choose a good business projects, content and methods, and then to establish the type of grain and oil, store size, etc.. At present, engaged in grain and oil can be said to meet the eye everywhere if not good, operating the project, it will come to naught. Engage in business avoid blindly selected projects, disorderly investment, if the grain and oil industry business have no knowledge, only listen to legend or see only newspaper advertising, it is considered that the project management will be able to make money, that’s impossible. If the utterly ignorant of the characteristics of the industry, so start business is certainly less effective, and may even be deceived, so it is best to choose their own familiar with and have a certain level of consumption in the local project to do.

to visit the site. Project management is determined, in addition to the authenticity of the investigation business project, be sure to open their own grain shops operating places, shops in grain and oil field, should understand the flow of people and environment, but also to collect regional competitors in the same industry, in order to develop their own business mode and strategy.

pay attention to competitors. "Peer enemy" although said too much, but can not prevent unscrupulous competitors in the same industry, if in this region, the competitors in the same industry in many projects, then you should consider carefully as a beginner. On the contrary, if there is no industry in the region of the project, it is not a good thing, it may indicate that you are engaged in the operation of the project in the area of poor sales channels or operating conditions are problematic.

to prepare funds. A grain shop needs renovation, purchase the necessary equipment, purchase, processing, so they need a lot of money, if you are ready to open shop 30 thousand yuan of grain and oil, it must have 10 thousand yuan of funds to do backup, in order to prevent decoration, buy equipment, and purchase formalities urgently.

to rent a good place. When choosing a place of business, in addition to their own business premises, most of the grain and oil stores to open the business premises, in the rental business premises, one is the lease of the independent

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