Shanghai launched three years of entrepreneurial action plan to promote employment

is the biggest problem for the majority of small and medium enterprises entrepreneurs usually lack of funds, in order to attract investment entrepreneurs racked their brains, but also often do not get good results. In order to help the small and medium sized enterprises to start their own businesses, the government has given a large amount of unsecured loans to entrepreneurs, especially college students.

"Shanghai action plan to encourage entrepreneurship to create employment for three years (2015-2017 years)" released in November 2nd. "Action plan" clearly, setting reasonable innovation credit, establish innovative credit accumulation and conversion system; the implementation of flexible educational system, students relax the longest length of schooling, allowing the intention of adjusting the learning process, business students retain the school drop out entrepreneurship.

According to the requirements of

has been registered online merchants entrepreneurs can equally enjoy the city to support the entrepreneurial employment policy. Did not carry out industrial and commercial registration, but in the network platform real name registration, stable operation and good reputation of the network business entrepreneurs, according to the provisions of the highest 150 thousand of the loan guarantee and discount policy. No business registration of the city’s network of entrepreneurs and their employees, according to flexible employment insurance payment method, to participate in social insurance.

"action plan" for the entrepreneurs and the core team to meet certain conditions, to residence integral standard scores. Through the evaluation of the main body of the market and meet certain conditions of entrepreneurial talent and its core team, residence permit to do household registration can be shortened from 7 years to 5 years. To obtain a certain scale of venture capital and its core team of entrepreneurial personnel to be directly into the home.

Personal exemption amount of guarantee to 200 thousand

"action plan" revealed that the range of students’ science and technology venture fund to support the expanded to college graduation college graduates within 5 years of business in shanghai.

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