Hu Meng treat customers have affinity

although there are other similar shops around, but Hu Meng shop business has been very hot, the surrounding customers are more praise for her shop, which is why? Hu Meng runs a grocery store in Shandong Ji’nan Mingshui Zhangqiu City Subdistrict office. On weekdays, the little shop is full of customers, lively endless. Talking about their business know-how, Hu Meng said: my biggest experience is to treat customers with warm water affinity."

Hu said the adorable "warm like affinity" refers to treat customers to have moderate emotion, treats people sincerely, neither cold, nor excessive enthusiasm, only moderate emotional expression to make each other feel comfortable exchange. As the skin and the touch of water, the water temperature is too low, the skin will feel cold, the water temperature is too high, the skin will be hot, people will be uncomfortable. The reason why there is such a result, Hu Meng in the daily operation of the heart feel.

"at first, I didn’t realize the importance of affinity." Hu Meng told the author, until one day, she walked into a handmade dumplings as a customer.

dumpling shop owner and clerk is the husband and wife, they are busy making dumplings. See Hu Meng arrived, the two did not stop living in front of the hands of hospitality. Hu Meng had no choice but to look up at the wall of the price list, which reads the price of different dumplings, of which a piece of celery meat dumplings 12 yuan, half a copy of $6. A person to eat less, and do not want to waste, Hu Meng said to the boss to half a piece of celery meat dumplings. Listen to the boss to shake down, still busy, for she aidabuli: "half to 10 dumplings, is not under the pot." He had a little disdain to let Hu Meng suddenly feel a little embarrassed. "At that moment I decided that I would never step into the shop again." Hu Meng said.

since then, Hu Meng realized that a good attitude is a magic weapon to retain customers. We can not because of the number of customers to buy, or buy less, hospitality attitude greatly reduced. From another point of view, we also have to go shopping as a customer, I hope not only to get the goods, but also want to get a happy mood. I believe this is also a lot of people look forward to shopping experience. So, the operator must always put customer experience in the first place, more to respect each other, more patience and listening, more affinity, let them feel our sincerity, can really retain the hearts of customers." Hu Meng said.

that is, from that incident, Hu Meng told himself, to respect every customer into the store, the sun like mood to share with others. "Sincere enthusiasm" has become her hospitality signs". Shop for so many years, Hu Meng has never been busy because of the purchase, accounting or finishing the goods and the side of the customer.

on the contrary, no matter how busy she is, she will be customer oriented, put down the

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