nstitutional dividend and global dividend to promote entrepreneurship

a successful entrepreneur, is bound to have its strength and methods, there must be a place for everyone to learn. In 10 years, I created the market value of more than 10 billion of the NASDAQ listed companies, many media call me  , "entrepreneurial Godfather" ()". I cannot bear this name, he is often ridicule with profound respect and humility, "good luck".

80, 90 rise: they consume more

A few days ago to see the data

: the use of Apple’s mobile phone in the crowd, 80, 90 accounted for 78%. At first, I do not believe it, come back to look at the data in China, a surprise: the hotel’s guests live in China after 80, 90% of the proportion of customers, has been close to 70%.


the past ten years, it had a small flat IT male has entered middle age, as a typical customer Econo Hotel would be inappropriate. Sit in the lobby for a while, you will find that the majority of young people in their twenties. But many people do not look like travel, may be out of tourism, may also be a girlfriend and romantic tryst, or playing a game night, the morning to the hotel to take a shower and rest… These… In 80, 90 of the main body of the consumer, the diversity of travel increased, impulsive consumption increases, aesthetic interest and value orientation change.

80, 60, 70 after 90 people with very different: they are more willing to consumption; although most of the income is not high, but higher requirements for life, they will not be too hard to force life; they are more self, freedom loving; positive mindset more open, more show individuality…… They’re a bunch of different people.

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