Police found the baby abandoned the forest for their praise

countries around the world have abandoned the baby’s bad social phenomenon. Recently, a Columbia policewoman found a woman abandoned in the forest. She immediately breastfeeding for children to rescue, causing users praise.

1 13, Columbia policewoman found an abandoned in the forest, while waiting for the arrival of rescue personnel, police abandoned breastfeeding. Users have onlookers, praise for this behavior point. It is reported that 59 years earlier in the forest to pick up orange Urrea when I heard a cry, at first thought it was a cat, and later found a baby girl.

Urrea then informed the rescue personnel, the waiting period for infant breast-feeding. Ambulance personnel, if not have Urrea breastfeeding, newborn baby this is likely to be hungry and hypothermia. Urrea said he just gave birth to a baby, so he gave the baby breast milk, breast-feeding. The baby is in good condition.

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