Restaurant never discount but the secret of the rich

is not expensive, there will be no public consumption? Is not destined to run dismal, facing bankruptcy? Of course not, Xiao Bian told you there is such a restaurant since its inception has never been discounted sales, but the daily income of more than ten million, the customer price of up to 400 yuan, but the business is still hot, the monthly turnover of more than 5 million.


with high price, prop up the restaurant into high quality, culture in the dining room, has become a local food heritage restaurant, how is ushered in the high trust of consumers, become some local food sector side signs summary.

Changzhou song building located next to downtown near Tianningsi Hongmei Park, site traffic, was located for landmarks, parks, parking convenient.

song building opened in 2006, the area of more than 2 thousand square meters, with more than and 600 seats, the price between 350~400 yuan, the average monthly turnover of more than 5 million.

How to create a high quality image of


in 2006, the song selection building opened in Hongmei park near the Changzhou market at the time, there are not many high-end restaurants. There was a song of the building, to fill the market vacancy.

from the outside floor opened initially, restaurant concept think: low price = low quality. So, from the very beginning, they are ready to rely on quality and fine, to capture the market.

will not only rely on the price to reflect the quality of song, building is the main consumers for high quality recognition in which


never discount – create quality stable impression.

opened in the past 10 years, the song never played off on the floor, in order to give consumers a price stability concept.

to ensure the quality of the restaurant, you must have their own reasonable profit margins." Zhang Ling said, discount damage is the normal profit space of the restaurant, the last hurt, in fact, consumers."

Zhang Ling believes that consumers are often willing to pay for high-quality food and services."

it is understood that the song Lou never discounted, cooperation is not with the United States and other discount website, "this is a stick, in order to give consumers an impression of the restaurant is very stable, I spend the money value."

only buy Seasonal Vegetables – enhance the restaurant food awareness.

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