Rapid development of the beauty industry to open the nail shop men still earn

said that many of the details of the entrepreneurs who live to say that this is a suitable for the development of the industry of female entrepreneurs, but now many male entrepreneurs have found their own businesses in the beauty market. From an ordinary art lovers to persistent hair of the craftsman, and then in a nail on the outline of the beautiful life, every turn of Hu Qiang are inextricably linked with the beautiful. The following business network Xiaobian to introduce his entrepreneurial story. />

1999, after three months in Urumqi, a well-known hairdressing school, Hu Qiang to be retained, the reason is that in this three months, at school during the day to him every day, at night in a barber shop near the school internship, diligent he quickly mastered the basic the essentials of hairdressing, and have a lot of experience, the school teacher told him: "in the future you will make a difference in this line." For a long time, Hu Qiang thought he would never let go of the scissors on the top of the customer until 2000, when the word entered his life.

2001, in a cosmetics shop, Hu Qiangpan under a small venue, is in fact a cosmetics store swing a table and two chairs. At that time, most women do not understand this new thing, such as nails, hand, let alone hands to a man. Some of the things

then let Hu strong fresh, "a dress is very avant-garde girl I see, wonder about cosmetics shop owner, how there is a cosmetics shop in Chinese medicine?" This recommendation

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