Junior Girls for the shop a voluntary half toilet brush

with the improvement of the quality of life, people’s way of life has undergone great changes, coffee has become part of people’s daily lives, the market is hot, which brings the coffee shop unlimited business opportunities. The following Xiaobian to introduce a coffee shop open a toilet brush, the first half of the entrepreneurial process.


have the technology, have to learn business. Last September, she found a part-time job in Optics Valley, a large chain of coffee shops, clean the table, wash dishes, hundreds of cups of coffee every day, sometimes sitting also expect.

the annual rent of 40 thousand yuan, for there is no source of the easy, is not a small number. Afraid to ask for help from her parents, she can only borrow money from her friends. "Money can be returned slowly, but the dream has only one chance." With the help of friends, to the coffee shop opened. Opened a month and a half, her store profit of nearly 8 thousand yuan. "Also fell a somersault, there is no time to worry about the guests, but never moved to give up the idea." Yi Wangjun said. "Like her so good, a lot of effort for their own dreams." Classmate Yang hang said.

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