Remember any of seven Sliced noodles join and the cost of the join conditions introduced

investors need to have a pair of long-term vision can be seen, even if the beginning of the investment project is not large, you have to make him bigger heart. Seven Sliced noodles was founded in 1973, is located near the school in Datong in seventh. By dozens of square meters of business area of the initial development to now more than 20 stores, eight stores. The annual turnover of more than 6000 yuan, and Shanxi has become the most ancient noodle brand. Seven in the essence of authentic noodles Wang Datong Sliced noodles of inheritance.

seven in Sliced noodles to join

2012 "Zhaopin Shanxi Shenglong restaurant management company was founded, through brand strategy integration, expansion of professional management and operation as well as the brand franchising business model, still adhere to the tradition, all the stores all handmade noodles, and noodles, handmade ancient legal halogen; through the declaration of the intangible cultural heritage, the essence of authentic Datong the Sliced noodles handed down.

seven Sliced noodles cost to join

initial fee 120 thousand yuan, renovation costs about 250 thousand yuan (the headquarters responsible for the design, decoration to join in their own local search for the construction team, hall tables and chairs tableware about 110 thousand kitchen equipment manufacturers, developed by the headquarters, to purchase their own equipment).

seven Sliced noodles franchise:

1, love the catering industry, seven in the face of King brand identity, love Shanxi mianshi

2, with a focus on the dedication of the food and beverage industry

3, shown on the seven surface in the king’s corporate culture, the pursuit of the design concept, the brand reached a high degree of consensus

4, in order to ensure the product quality in the face of the king seven, accept the characteristics of raw materials by the headquarters unified distribution

5, with an ideal business site (area of not less than 120 square meters), flat layer priority

6, join the cost of a total of 120 thousand (one-time payment of product quality margin of $20 thousand, 3 years after the annual trademark usage fee of 15 thousand)

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