New direction of online Entrepreneurship digital advertising money no way

digital advertising in recent years, the heat is extraordinary, more and more ready to do poineering work on the Internet are targeting the wealth of the holy land, and strive to grasp the opportunity to write a new era of big data wealth story.

the growth in locomotive which is also estimated? IResearch, China purchase program (ProgrammaticBuying) growth will maintain annual growth of more than 50% before 2017, last year China purchase program increase rate is 180%.

Yoyi launched the first domestic demand side platform in 2012 (DSP or Demand-sidePlatform), created by real-time bidding (RTB or Real-timeBidding). The program of buying market. In 2013, the number of Chinese DSP company from 1 to dozens; every day can buy ads flow also increased to 6 billion (end of 2013), Chinese occupy all display advertising flow 1/3, purchase procedures completely broke.

as domestic purchase procedures leading companies, you easily to allow more marketing decision makers understand the benefits of the purchase program point. March 2014, in the easy to usher in the three anniversary of the establishment of the Guangzhou branch of the occasion, but also opened this year’s first program purchase salon activities prologue.

Yoyi CEO Zhou Wenbiao, COO Guo Zhiming, has been an important industry summit and awards ceremony the guests invited. In March 25, 2014, they analyzed the important impact of the program on the purchase of advertising in the advertising market in 2014. Liu Shun, general manager of easy effect division, but also to the real case for everyone to talk about the benefits of the program for advertisers.

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