How to deal with customer complaints

even the same service, but in the face of different consumer service, feel nature will be different, so naturally there will be various complaints, the retail supermarket open for a long time, it will inevitably encounter the situation of customer complaints. In the face of customer complaints, if we can not deal with the wisdom of retail businesses, customers will lose confidence in the business, so that the loss of customers. Even more serious is that customers in the store to the crowd shouting, have a bad impression of the shop, the store lost reputation. No matter what kind of situation, it is a big loss for our retail stores. So, when customers come to the store complaints, how should we deal with the retail business?

a few days ago, I had a conflict with a female customer in the district. That day, a female customer in the district with a split power socket lines to find me, very angry and said to me: "this is my outlet socket just from your shop, but returned home when in use, I found the power socket cracked a pattern, how can your shop sell damaged the goods to the customer? Too black heart, right?!……"


in female customer barrage, I have the patience to listen, do not say anything, smiling, not interrupt female customer complaints, not one word of the language contest. Female customers are excited, if I interrupt her complaint, or to defend himself, only the more anxious enraged female customer, she will feel that I was in for excuses for their mistakes, or deny. In this way, the more customers would not let go, she will stay in the store shouting, the situation will further expand, attracted a crowd of pedestrians, have a certain impact on the reputation of the shop.

so, we should do is to retail businesses, the first to listen patiently to our customer complaints, let the customer to vent to the shop and customer dissatisfaction, vent enough, calm down, we will discuss the solution and customer. We should not look for any excuse to deny, only a sincere attitude to the customer, the customer said: "I am sorry! You’re right. It’s all our fault! We would like to apologize to you, we will replace you with a new power outlet." In the face of our sincere apology and deal with the program, the anger in the hearts of customers will disappear, not only will not complain to the shops, but also very understanding of our business is not easy, more tolerant of the incident.

in the daily retail, retail businesses when we accidentally put the poor quality of goods sold to customers, although the quality of the goods is the manufacturer’s responsibility to the majority, but retail stores are not entirely without responsibility, because the retail stores are responsible for the supervision and responsibility of the goods, substandard or damaged goods. It should be timely return to pick out the manufacturer, not careless to flow to the hands of customers. Therefore, in the daily retail, in order to ensure the quality of goods sold well, retailers should pay attention to the display in the commodity storage method and shelf life, in >

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