Yancheng tornado has killed 99 people in Jiangsu

in the face of natural disasters, human beings are really very small, fragile fragile life. The Jiangsu, Yancheng tornado has caused 99 deaths, let us in a time of distress, there will be more survivors pray, want them out of this natural suffering as soon as possible.

Jiangsu 26 noon Yancheng City held a press conference to announce that as of now, large hail disaster killed 99 people, injured 107 people were cured; Funing, Sheyang set up a total of 14 settlements, resettlement 1591 people.

National Weather Center Weather Forecast Center strong chief Zheng Yongguang said, Jiangsu has been recognized as the Yancheng typhoon tornado, the expert group to determine the grade of EF4, the wind over 17.

in the continuous development of the economy today, in the continuous progress of science and technology in modern times, although many aspects we have made a series of achievements. But in the face of natural disasters, to see their own small, only further development of science and technology, timely and relevant preventive measures in the future to reduce harm!

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