The four way is suicidal startups need to be vigilant

as a start-up company, just started will encounter a lot of problems, and sometimes some small details do not pay attention, may be a devastating blow to start-up companies. The following four ways will make entrepreneurial companies self destruct future, startups have to be vigilant.

1, laissez faire investors (sometimes including private equity and hedge funds) in the company’s expansion of financing to give bad structural terms. When things go astray, will bring enormous loss to you.

2, listing too fast! Before they can make their own "fortress" before the listing, not yet able to withstand all the stock price collapse caused by the attack before the listing.

3, too much money to build a bright new company headquarters, every two years to come. There are other risks doing so, send a signal to the employees we have succeeded, we are too powerful, although everyone dislike in the shared space was jammed, but lost after we have missed.

4, refused to take human resources seriously! The problem is not just for the high tech company’s corporate environment, but in any highly creative, highly skilled work environment. When you reach the size of a company, you need to manage the ability of employees, but also the need for an efficient   HR. Although the founder of the company’s own training into a good HR is definitely worth it, but most of the founders of the HR on the performance of the practice are very amateur. There are no sensible and efficient HR, poor internal management and employee behavior that can lead to harmful corporate culture, the development of disastrous professional ethics and the legal crisis.

when there is these four problems that the company, the boss of start-up companies must be vigilant, these seemingly insignificant, but it is an obstacle to the successful start-up companies, only move these stumbling blocks, start-up companies to become bigger and stronger.


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