How to promote the building materials store in the district

in general, the current number of building materials stores mainly for home improvement, so that the district has become a lot of building materials store owner attaches great importance to a marketing site. However, in general, a strict management of the District, the two is not able to focus on community promotion, resulting in a lot of building materials stores, although want to do small promotion, but can not succeed. So, how to promote the building materials store in the district? Let me see small series of.

as a building materials store to promote the management of the District, how to control the rhythm of the community to promote it? How to evaluate the performance of the promotion personnel? The ultimate goal of the promotion to achieve it? Better than your competitors?

as a community to promote the trader, I think the building materials store operators must understand some of the problems:

one, to be familiar with the local situation. Building materials store operator should personally carry out detailed research on the area, access to the first-hand information, and then the production of small residential program, do know.

two, building materials stores need to be based on the results of the investigation of the community, to determine the workload, determine the area to promote the operation of the cycle, the number of personnel to promote the team and the promotion of the group and the group responsible for the district.

three, building materials store to develop community promotion team assessment criteria and incentive policies, announced in the form of the meeting, so that everyone knows the standards and policies.

building materials stores also need to assess the standards and the development of incentive policies, should be integrated with the degree of difficulty of the work area, the quality of the promotion team and to achieve a variety of purposes to set. In a word, "you want to be what kind of results, set the standard of assessment results, an appropriate reward and punishment policy".

four, the process of the work of the District, the results of the work and the promotion of the work of the staff to do a good job of guidance and supervision. Building materials store marketing staff in the unit as a unit for the district operations. Standard fill in the "daily area promotion work registration form"

, five building materials store also need to make the residential unit map unit all numbers show the turnover of owners, red flags, the operation time for the District, all residential unit owners completed full occupancy time.

community promotion is a systems engineering, is a long-term work, the text is about a relatively standard and the operation process of the system, building materials stores also in the actual operation of the process encountered a variety of problems.

the above work is the most basic, but also the building materials store to do community promotion must consider the problem clearly, if you have not learned some of the above manipulation techniques, you can say that you do a full area promotion

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