Water purifier list of the top ten brands

pollution aggravating, so that a variety of water quality can not be directly drinkable, so, water purifier products began to enter the household. Below, let Xiaobian to introduce water purifier ten brands list, a ranking which is based on the 2015 water purifier industry sales data, brand influence and technical strength to rank, the need to buy water purifier and do not know what brand has a certain reference value.

water purifier list of the top ten brands: Spring dew

spring dew is one of the earliest professional water purifier manufacturers, professional water purifier first brand reputation, is the national habitat project designated products, the film star Ng Man Tat endorsement. Water purifier users throughout the country, and has been ranked three consecutive years the country’s largest water purifier brand sales. Spring dew water purifier existing 7 series, the more than and 100 varieties, the use of cooperation with the Huazhong University of Science and Technology research and development of spring core water purification technology for consumers to bring fashion, comfortable, safe and high-quality water life.

water purifier ten brands ranked in the top two: the United States

it is understood that the U.S. group founded in 1968, registered in 1981 beauty brand, is a home appliance manufacturing large-scale comprehensive enterprise group, which owns beauty appliances, Little Swan, holding three listed companies. At present, there are more than and 20 production bases both at home and abroad. 2012 China’s most valuable brands in the evaluation, the United States brand value reached 61 billion 122 million yuan, ranking. The United States entered the water purifier industry automatics.

water purifier ten brands ranked in the top three: Net spring water purifier

net of the spring is one of the earliest advocates family drinking water concept is the first direct drinking machine manufacturers, brand reputation and endorsement by the national comedy master Zhu Shimao, is the country’s top strategic partner of Vanke, the beginning of this century in Shenzhen founded net Spring Technology Co. Ltd., 2004 engineering research and development center was formally established in Shenzhen. Its products cover pure water machine, direct drinking machine, ultrafiltration, energy machine, central water purifier, the whole house water purifier and engineering water treatment (can be customized according to the actual situation). Its joint research and development of Hong Kong University Science & Technology, net core water purification technology, known as the most suitable for China’s water quality and domestic demand for water purification technology, access to a number of national invention patents.

water purifier ten brand rankings: four Qinyuan

is the earliest Qinyuan focused on household water treatment equipment production enterprises of the net bucket is the main product is famous in recent years, with the rapid development of household water purifiers, water purifiers Qinyuan increased into the field, but also praised by the vast number of consumers.

water purifier ten major brands

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