Small business in 2012

want to start a business but limited funds, small business results will be? Xiao Bian here to provide you with the small business of the 11 methods, the small business can also be your dream of wealth!

A, find a professional business consultant to business success, preparation time not less, before the start, should be taught in a professional business consultant or consultant. Of course, there’s business management consultant advisory fees many, can take some advice, but if you do not want to spend the money, you can also choose some free consultation institutions, such as the association and government agencies, and use these free consulting resources.


two, write the business plan proposal, on the entire business process, is not only necessary, but is very important. Because, through the planning to write the book, not only can let you know more clearly whether a complete comprehensive plan, at the same time to find someone to invest in or provide advice, it is more specific in content, if you want to apply for youth entrepreneurship loans, must also attach the proposal. Generally speaking, the business plan content, including industry analysis, competition status, product introduction, business analysis, set up shop investment amount analysis, manpower planning, monthly cost analysis and profitability prediction, store planning, long-term development goals, each project, also must have detailed analysis, planning book with more clearer, more easy to find problems of entrepreneurship in the future, just as soon as possible repair reduces the risk of failure.

four, how to select the products based on the industry decided to prepare their own funds, the first screening can be put into the industry, and then, according to the prospect of the industry, their own interest, expertise, aptitude, past related work experience, industry competition and other factors, to evaluate the considerations, see for themselves in that industry. And in that industry has the most competitive advantage. Therefore, the shop to do business, do not have to invest less, but also the concept of fast recovery. In the choice of the industry, we must first consider the industry competition situation, how much strength to do many things, don’t you.

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