How much money is needed to join the duck shop

no matter what the reason, in short, in the current food market is duck hot up, but also face the development prospects are getting better and better, in this background, many investors hope to open a duck shop. However, joining a duck neck shop brand is the cost of investment. So, join the duck neck shop need how many money?

reporter interviewed found that in the capital to small duck brand, there are two modes of business operation, is a specialized factory processing, distribution to the various stores; two is the manual workshop, small size, no more than 10 chain stores, operating room backyard cooking, pre hospital sales.

"Jiujiuya" and "laishuangyang" belong to the former category. In order to maintain their own brand image, most of these brands are not allowed to join. "Jiujiuya" duck neck king is a big brand in the duck shop, including 35 stores, all stores are stores, can not join the chain. Production of "Jing Long" series of halogen products in Beijing, said Liu Hao, director of Food Co., Ltd., in order to maintain the brand image, to ensure the unity of quality and taste, in principle, is not allowed to join the franchise.

but there are exceptions. How much is a duck shop? "Laishuangyang" said that 40 thousand yuan will be able to join the operation duck. The reporter to intend to join "laishuangyang" identity consulting, Beijing laishuangyang food limited company operations management center operations specialist Miss Zhou said that the removal of the initial fee 40 thousand yuan, an annual management fee of ten thousand. Store their own choice, can be checked by the company. The company is responsible for the distribution of good duck neck, within three rings free."

although the contract period of 5 years, but Miss Zhou promised: profit can reach more than 30%, the recovery period of six months to one year." Zhou said: "we will be thirty percent off of the retail price of the market supply. Although we have more than and 40 stores, but the market will not reach saturation, we hope to join the relatively stable, so that a hundred. Even if the market cool down we can also help store transfer."

but some experts believe that many businesses all caused by the current market has entered the era of full competition is analyzed, especially the 25 stores across from the GUI street, you can see.

and flavor food also has a popular trend, there is a problem of life expectancy, if you follow the trend to join the investment, it is likely that there will be risks. So, in the franchise store duck to consider, how to avoid the risk of prudent investment.

therefore, if you want to join a famous duck neck shop brand, need to invest cost is not low. More importantly, because now business people have very much, resulting in the industry’s competition is not low, in this context, a duck neck shop from >

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