Mou Changqing on the promotion of the forum to increase the chain

BBS promotion is one of the promotion means of network promotion, but the same is BBS promotion, because the purpose is different, in fact, also divided into several forms. For example, I used to go to Baidu post bar, leave a video of Li Yuchun, watch the address to attract " corn " come over and see, such BBS promotion is simply to obtain traffic. For example, certain public relations company to help enterprises in the forum issued soft text, such a forum to promote the spread of brands and products. There are forums to promote, simply in order to increase the chain, and improve the site keyword SEO effect, this is what I want to share with you today.

this experience I summed up a long time ago, for the new company to see. For the new people can quickly understand, so the content of the article is relatively basic. But personally feel that there are still some points, so we share. The following begins with the official content of today’s article.

1: in BBS promotion to increase the chain of 3 means.

1: release theme posts, in the article text, including keywords chain.

2: in the forum to reply to the post, leaving the key word outside the chain.

3: by setting the forum personalized signature, leaving the chain.

now many forums, can not leave the chain, and some even leave the chain is not necessarily effective. For example, look at the hyperlinks, but check the source code can not find the URL, indicating that JS is called, so that the situation is meaningless hyperlinks.

two: Forum promotion FAQ

1: completely unable to leave hyperlinks (such as Sina forums)

2: can post leave hyperlink (such as the TOM community, QQ Forum)

3: you can send theme stickers, you can set personalized signature (such as outdated forums),

4: new users posting restrictions (requiring integral restrictions or time constraints)

different forums, can leave hyperlinks links are different, so when the promotion, there must be documents summarized. When I was doing this BBS promotion, summed up hundreds of forums, which three can stay super chain, which is 2, and which are 1. After the accumulation of clear, and the second time to do it, you can quickly get started, do not do useless work.

three: familiar with the common forum template

1:discuz Forum (now the most common free forum template, using the PHP program)

, such as A5 forums and laggards, are all discuz forums,

2: Mobile Network Forum (once the largest market share of the free forum template, the use of ASP procedures)

3:phpwind Forum (the forum for PHP programs that are inferior to discuz)


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