Two of website Creativity how to make good use of points

said this integral, but now many of the usual business website management and means, have integral shopping points for cash coupons, online shopping malls are integral, integral can exchange goods, the forum has integral, integral can enhance the level of today I will talk about how to use the website creative points you website. The integral is double-edged, well, prosperity, good use, more harm.

one, the source of the integration.

I have been told from general integral, here I still talk about the "integral" refers to through some form, fixed in a consumer, entertainment accumulated most of his active points, can be divided into products, exchange integral, integral promotion, discount points, active points and so on, and this is our most common in our daily life points, such as supermarket, QQ upgrade, enhance the performance, etc. are a form of accumulation.

two, integral use.

so these points is how to use the mall? Integral are generally used for total integral cash coupons, such reality, reality; China Mobile integral integral is: they can be used to exchange goods, but you should place! Popularized integral each big website, is to cash through the integral. For example, now many site requires users to promote, and then flow through to get business points, this way, in fact, is also a lot of webmaster business approach. There is the forum points, this part of the points, and now I also see some points to redeem products, these are what we have studied.

three, the creative points of the points.


so much: how are we to their creative points? To free network for example: first is the users log daily available points, this is called active points; secondly, the daily looking paste are posting points, do not have to say ah; this is called user support points, again is the site within all mutual friends, chat with each other, can also obtain the corresponding points; finally, to promote their integration, can also get promotion points. I’m talking about these points, and I’ll talk about how he invented them. First, the clever use of the above credibility, if you do not follow the requirements of the site to do things, you will be deducted; two is in its website shopping, points higher, will enjoy a higher discount. Three points can be exchanged for goods, but not all goods can be redeemed, for example you reach 1000 points, you can exchange 50 yuan bill, you reach 2000 points, you can exchange RMB 100 yuan in cash, etc.. This kind of change to the promotion, in fact, for the operation of the website, is very survival way.

short, but very useful business integration site of the road, when we in the business website is to use various means to achieve the purpose, although we all thought is limited, but creativity is infinite.

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