What can we do when the record sold again when

believe that the webmaster recently heard most, worried most is "put on record" two words.

seems to have started from last year’s record storm, and has not stopped this cyber war until now. Of course, the war seems to us that the war is always weak.

began in 05, the network began a personal website to record the storm, but the record does not seem very seriously, even many owners do not know this for one thing. And to the 08 Olympic year, the ministry began to investigate the record, but also spread the so-called "forum", must also be pre special record for the operation of the notice. But in the end it was always thunder and rain, and the stationmaster stood firm.

now this record wind blowing, and ferocious. First of all, the previous telephone survey of personal information authenticity, and then now the actual situation of access providers, and then I’m afraid that is the real turn of our most afraid of BBS special filing.

Before the

on a web site to see a few webmaster reflect their website because access error was forced to shut down, originally thought that the "good" things do not appear in the body, but in the day before yesterday, and also received a message, the content is as follows:

notification of cancellation of access to ICP filing information by the access provider

dear users (XXX): you fill in the information in the record access provider (XXX) after verification, you think the non filing website access, has canceled the relevant access, your current subject record site (site name: XXX, domain name: XXX.com) has no any specific access information you can then confirm to jierushang. Please contact your new provider as soon as possible to fill in the access information for you. We hereby inform you that

I was shocked, and quickly went to check the record number, or perhaps fortunately, everything is normal, I was lucky, not the webmaster like said before, just be written off the record number, even the site was forced to close. But as you can see from this mail, the wind of filing is really blowing on us.


is purely to vent posts, incoherent, next time will offer more into a post analysis, do not Paizhuan too much pain. (www.mixiwoo.com)

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