Soft Wen skills refuse URL eliminate links

Objective: you now what is the standard to judge the soft? I think most people most is the look has left no address, not with text links or articles, this is one of the 2 points as long as basically, most of the articles I read will be as soft Wen. Because there are so many websites and the importance of publicity, the forums and post offices are full of advertisements everywhere. It is easy to direct advertising was a snap, and soft because of its strong vitality by the promotion of good taste. But because of the special nature of the Internet, publicity should generally bring the URL or connection, so as to achieve direct publicity effect. Is the so-called, MoGaoYiChe, DaoGaoYiZhang, with advertising everywhere, such soft Wen is now basically not what was hidden. Today, I will talk about how to let soft text refused to address, eliminate links.

A: please look at this story first,

[Yangzi Evening News], as long as spend a few hundred dollars, you can find the real number of graduation certificate." Recently, such advertisements have been overwhelming on the Internet, and selling diploma numbers seems to be a competitive industry". The seller said that as long as the diploma number, you can create a "true" University diploma.

, a Zhang at a university in Guangzhou, has been in trouble recently, although he has found a good foreign company, but has not signed yet. The personnel department of the foreign enterprise stipulates that the formal contract can not be signed until the diploma is obtained. Xiao Zhang has not yet completed the credit, will not be able to get the diploma as scheduled. Not long ago, a fellow student with the same experience suggested Xiao Zhang look for help online. As long as a few hundred dollars, you can buy your own graduation card number, and then according to the number to create a diploma. "As true as it is, employers don’t usually recognize it."." Senior told Xiao Zhang, he was in this way last year smooth graduation.

according to Xiao Zhang’s prompt, reporter in Baidu search engine input "diploma number inquiry", the page shows a lot of pay inquiry website. Reporters click on a web site, according to the above, the inquiry as long as the name, school and professional, you can find the diploma number, each number 400 yuan.

reporter has learned that the graduation certificate number is compiled by the school in accordance with the coding rules established by the Ministry of education. As a rule, only the provincial education administration and the school master the information before the student has got the diploma. Then, where does the diploma number of these query websites come from? In this regard, the Guangdong Provincial Department of education believes that the specific means are not yet confirmed. (Nanfang Daily)

two: what will you do when you finish reading this story?

If you have

and graduation certificate and what is not very concerned about this matter, must have finished reading it; but I do not like, I belong to this target customers, the class graduation card is very troublesome, so I Baidu a bit "graduation certificate number query". Then click on the previous few pages

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