Car home Li Xiang do not stock efforts to make their own shares

as I said micro-blog, I am not even a A account account (the U.S. stock account must have, because the company listed on the stock holders who have to open an account).

since I do not fry A shares, and even suggested that the founders of their own investment companies do not fry, why I am also particularly concerned about A shares?.

first, the two level market related to the primary market

car home in early 2008 financing, it called a strenuous. At that time the economic crisis to the peak, a lot of VC finally signed the agreement back. According to the valuation of the investment car home at that time, basically earn 200 times today. Financing is difficult for me to become a depression, if the early half of the financing, the valuation will be very easy.

later, the home of the car is developing well, far beyond the seemingly impossible expectations of our business plan. Many of VC’s partners have become good friends with me. On the one hand, they are very sorry indeed had no investment in car home, on the other hand, tell the truth, at the beginning of 2008 when the fund LP is not up to the money, most of the VC time maybe half a year will not cast a project.

now, I am also involved in some angel round and A round of early investment, or some VC fund LP. I deeply understand that the two market will directly affect the valuation of the primary market, and even decision-making. The stock market is the vane I must pay attention to.


car home founder Li Xiang

secondly, the stock market will affect the consumer market

stock market, housing market, car market, has a very close relationship. In the first half of this year, soaring stock market directly affect the car sales, such as Land Rover brand, sales fell by more than 20%.

stock market and the housing market, car city, is not easy to determine the expected (a city in our expectations for car market is extremely accurate, user data can be very accurately reflect the trend of future sales or even accurate to). If you can not do a good job of forecasting, at least after the occurrence of understanding why, and quickly adjust the focus of business.

in the stock market is very good, consumers will need to buy a car loan, we need to enhance the loan business, as well as the corresponding advertising. Depression in the car market, car manufacturers will reduce the brand’s advertising, and a large increase in promotional advertising, we need to quickly adjust the advertising resources for such needs.

stock market crash, the car followed by bad luck; the stock market soared, the car will follow the bad luck. When the stock market is Manniu, slow bear, car city health. The problem is Chinese stock market only three states: mad, crazy bear, slow bear, there is no manniu.

housing market and the car also has a lot of relevance, the housing market is good, the car market must follow. When the house is up (more people will)

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