The newbie talked about my website after K

often see by Baidu K station, webmaster anger, helplessness and heartache. I didn’t know what K was before, nor had I experienced it.

own small website has been included is normal, is the mobile phone entertainment network, before all day 1800 people, also very stable, in the new year when CCTV hit "country love 2", I also quickly find the download resources, added to the site every few days, country love 2 customers the word came to the Baidu home page, web traffic also rose, from the original IP jumped to hundreds of thousands of IP, I looked at the statistics of psychology is very comfortable, at that time because not every day online, will not pay attention to every day, but the king is not long, and when I look at my website. No, the Baidu included the contents of all. Looked at a day only poor dozens of IP, that kind of loss is really uncomfortable, and can not stand, why Baidu k my station, at that time really do not want to get down. Anyway, the search can not, and you just do not, there are few people come?. But the content of the web site is an article I add up, say to give up really not willing, although his flow is not big, but after all is his own efforts.


would like a night, I decided to continue to get down, I will not give up even if you Baidu K, I am still every day to add content, and then go to Baidu know answer questions, without friendship connection, because the engines are not included in others is no one with you connected. So slowly over a month, suddenly one day I see from Baidu to come, I am very excited, because a long time is coming from Google and know, no search came from Baidu, I found that Baidu and reincluding, this makes me happy I think I am a hard month update finally or not in vain.

summed up, I think Baidu K me, should be my traffic rose reasons, may suspect me cheating, but unfortunately I did not, is a keyword on the first, attracted a lot of traffic. What’s more, what I keep updating is manual additions and changes. The above is my station by K to be re included process. I hope I can help you a little bit like a rookie like me.

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