Micro blog popular era grassroots webmaster can use micro blog platform do

this period of time, the discussion about micro-blog is very lively, especially in 2010 webmaster annual meeting, through micro-blog interactive link, all of a sudden let Adsense familiar with micro-blog, more and more people join the ranks of micro-blog. Admin5 Forum on Thursday June 3rd exceeded activities, invited Cai Wensheng to discuss the power of micro-blog’s total Cai, is in the grassroots webmaster circle launched micro-blog hot. Many people have opened micro-blog, but some people just stay in the blog, and not to the development of this platform, because it is not clear whether micro-blog can bring what, so in the update is relatively slow. As a grass root webmaster, what can we do with the micro-blog platform?

get the latest information

social development is changing with each passing day. If there is no timely supplementary knowledge, it will be easily eliminated. Especially the Internet. If you don’t surf the Internet for a week and you don’t read the news, you may miss a lot of news. Cai said that micro-blog is an inevitable product of the short reading period, which provides users with valuable information, and micro-blog’s full blast will occur in the next two years. Micro-blog platform, just to meet the needs of users in the shortest possible time to obtain more information. If you have the habit of browsing micro-blog every day, you can master a lot of the latest information. For example, some time ago about the problem of "the domain name 666.com", a meager purchase details revealed. Some hearsay has not been confirmed, will not come out from the portal, micro-blog is the outbreak of these information, will become more and more information breaking the platform. Get into the habit of micro-blog and get the latest information here. With more information, there are more opportunities and wider horizons.

make friends,

micro-blog’s relative real name system makes finding people and making friends more targeted. You probably don’t know Cai Wensheng’s QQ number, and the number of MSN is, but you can get to his page directly by searching Cai Wensheng’s name. Or you can read someone’s micro-blog information, and if you’re interested in his micro-blog, you can focus on this person. Many people express their views in micro-blog and record their mood. They are expressions and exhibitions of personal character. You can make more friends with the same mind. For some famous people, if you pay attention to his micro-blog and respond to his views for a long time, you will get their attention, which is also one of the ways to meet famous people.

promotes itself, then promotes product

many people want to promote themselves, or a website, or a product through micro-blog. If you take this platform directly as an advertising display window, you may receive an unsatisfactory result. If you put yourself out, then speak their own products is more persuasive? Many people IT celebrity micro-blog attention are high, because they promote their success, they are more likely to be broadcast on micro-blog, micro-blog promotion products are more likely to be concerned about. Some successful micro-blog fans who have accumulated lots of fans, and their promotion is better. When webmasters are using micro-blog, don’t start with your website’s address

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