The bankrupt entrepreneur turned into a Millionaire a simple but powerful business course

lead: This is a true story. Poor students, 17 years old, high school dropout, an English not speak, but become a billionaire, and lost everything, so repeated, but every time again great success

bankruptcy entrepreneur turned into a Millionaire: a simple but powerful business course,

grew up in a poor environment in the Poland boys high school, dropped out and moved to the United States, he was 17 years old, didn’t speak a word of English, later became a billionaire, and lost everything, over and over again, but each time can achieve greater success.

it may sounds like a movie script, but it is indeed a serial entrepreneur Thomas · Gaoerni (Tomas Gorny) a part of real life, he has a fascinating life story.

1996, Gaoerni graduated at the age of 2 months, from the high school drop out, went to the United states. Prior to that, he founded Trendsetter, a personal computer sales company, and joined the Internet Communications when he arrived in the United states.

in 1998, he co founded iBoost, a content distribution company, invested by softbank.

in 2001, he founded the network hosting services company iPower, and served CEO for 7 years, iPower later became America’s second largest network hosting service providers. In 2007, iPower was bought by Endurance International Group, and now he is still managing director of iPower.

in 2008, he co founded Unitedweb, a communications service provider, Nextiva and data company IBS, [8]

recently, I am very honored to be able to carry a conversation with Gaoerni, in conversation, he shared some of the secrets of success.

created more than the accumulation of great Gaoerni: the biggest gains from learning how to focus on creating, let his motivation and enthusiasm instead of money led to his decision. "Don’t chase money," he suggested. He said it was easy to get into the financing game or focus on the investment recovery strategy, a stumbling block on the road to success. Money comes as he focuses his energies on creativity and innovation rather than compromise on the company’s short-term interests.

does not compromise quality, especially when dealing with people: quality is the most important, from friends to employees, extending it to people around you. Gaoerni said, with those on wealth and flashy lifestyle friends that he has lost his focus, which in fact led to his temporary financial difficulties. He learned his lessons and incorporated them into his career

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