My website promotion experience exchange and experience

through 2 months of promotion, and I do my own website and repeated exploration, experimental testing as follows: I hope to be useful to everyone.

: if we must first update the site to Baidu included the content, the best is original, like yesterday I updated the capital about 10 articles, today to see the Baidu has collected my 6 papers without had included the 26 articles from this data, I understand that with Baidu GG are 2 completely different concepts, but there is a little update will increase GG included, I collected more than 300 message yesterday to GG today, has been difficult to imagine. For Baidu’s anti connection mostly from blog, blog is so anti connection can afford Baidu, for Baidu ranking, it is first necessary to set up the key and then, corresponding to each page accesses the corresponding keyword content, keyword set I tested is used by weaving optimization of key words, and I also saw the ranking is up, the exception is must take advantage of Baidu’s post and space, because the post flow of Superman, but unfortunately I have not familiar with here temporarily to write some of the more in-depth.

second: if something new to the GG collection included more than that every day you must, then he will gather new things every day to visit your site and included but not included are dozens, but if you update the content, the collected data is not the same day. Can you hundreds, but GG anti even I have never understood why my site in GG no anti even, it is also a generation.

third: that is QQ, we are also more familiar with a QQ QQ can be added to a group of 50 you think you apply some QQ that is the number of groups, and the day is how much traffic, except if you have time can also pay attention to the language but each of your QQ friends space message, that when you visit your friends friends of friends, QQ space will see your website, there is a forum for the flow is large, many methods such as you can provide a good source to download, so you can increase a lot of IP website, and we have to understand that your website’s benefit mainly from the Baidu search engine to see every IP will decide how much of your benefit, so we must be careful analysis and exploration, I was still groping to communicate and share with you.

fourth: is that every time as we enter their website name in Baidu, but a real result to come from your own domain name rarely, mostly from the forum or blog ah ah, there is connection sites that guide the mixed connection, why not we in the pages of this website. I analysis for a long time is not very thorough, can only say that it is not used if the corresponding key, key every page given us down corresponding to the current page, maybe I will be a good point.

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