Summer at county level station

‘s first article in Admin5 was "the cold winter at county level" in December, The second article in Admin5 was "the of the county station in March". This is the third time, and I solemnly wrote the title of this article — "the summer of the county station".

I stop in Juxian harbor on March 10, 2007 officially opened the domain name: [when using this domain name is for Juxian postal encoding is 276500], because of the local portal station is few, I cut some reputation in Juxian IT industry is small, so I stop with the help of friends soon reached a certain reputation and flow. And Baidu "Juxian" the word, with the local government network and Baidu encyclopedia, wheel top three gratifying position. But because too much pursuit, Baidu keyword ranking. Successful in December 8, 2007 by Baidu K station, their analysis was K reasons.

1, keyword accumulation. At that time in order to rank in front, in the home title in the accumulation of too many local related keywords


2, in order to enrich the site column uploaded a beautiful picture thief program. (at the time it seemed that this program pulled a lot of IP traffic. Now it looks like a big mistake.)

Baidu K later, the talent aware of the consequences of losing Baidu. At that time really want to give up, the mood is extremely depressed, "the county station in winter, December" is what period of my true mood?. Later, has been hovering on the Admin5 learning, revision, originality…… I’ve tried it, but it doesn’t work.

after about half a year, there is really no way, I really lost confidence in this domain name, and had to re register a org domain name. Passed the classified information on the net, made the original domain name to jump (because this domain name has been somewhat known locally at that time, and website domain name was publicized on partial DM ad at that time), changed to new domain name. The new domain name will soon be included, the "County Station of the spring March" is to celebrate the station new domain name was successfully included in the Admin5 starting a small article.

, April 24, 2009. I accidentally site a Baidu. Elan found my Baidu



although site is a two level domain name, But it’s true that site is here, and the snapshot time is May 20, 2008. It’s hard to understand. Why didn’t I come out site before? Because of this two level domain name

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