Talk about the promotion of station share some promotion and optimization methods

in early September, I took over a sub station. From the layout of the layout to the presentation, I have decided by myself, of course, the specific design is not carried out by me.

September 25th website formally launched.

1, Baidu / Google included

Google is in the second day of the site on the line, grabbed 80% of the pages, and Baidu has refused to grab web pages. Or Baidu has grabbed the page, but it didn’t show up in time. Sure enough, Baidu showed my inside page last night, and the snapshot was dated September 25th.

here are two questions: 1, search engines did not grab all my pages do? 2, Baidu does not include the reasons for the pages inside the web site?

answer: 1, in BBS, blog do soft Wen, specific keywords must point to a specific link page.

2, Baidu in general within a month will show new pages included, do not worry about slowly waiting.

two, snapshot update

achieves the snapshot by changing headings or descriptions. But generally only suggest changes to the description, after all, the title of the modification may directly affect the ranking of keywords.

three, promotion

promotion outside the station is divided into three parts: 1, for classified information, mainly to promote the keywords. 2, for the blog, but also mainly to make keywords. But blogs appear more like words and are more attractive to many users. 3, do know. Know keywords ranking will be very good, if used well, know will have very good effect.

here provide some good channel to promote the effect of

classified information website: City, everything is booming, Shanghai classified information network, this title network, easy landing network, oxl, go to market, platform, only guest network, Tianya classification information, 51 city.

blog: 51, dispatch, Sohu, Baidu, hi, blog, bus, enterprise, Sina, NetEase.

know: Baidu know, Tencent ask, Sina love ask, Tianya Q & A, Sogou Q & A.

emphasizes two points here: blog and know the application is very important, if you can handle properly, will be in the hot keywords page will also have a good ranking. For example, "400 phone applications", there are 10 pay promotion, and my blog can be displayed in the eighteenth position of the home page. (

four, optimize the promotion of

keyword choice is very important, first do not choose hot keywords, but should focus on the long tail words.

Google title can put 34 Chinese characters, and description to control 50 Chinese characters. Baidu title>

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