Subversion tiger in the field of vertical web site small clean counter attack


‘s story about Tiger jumping at first looks like a small, clean counter attack in a vertical web site.

if the competition reported resources between the Athens Olympic Games or portal competition, the Beijing Olympic Games will become the Sohu Sina rely on capital to snatch the sponsorship of the war, until the London Olympic Games to win the first human handheld games, APP began as the only entrance to get coquettish, but behind these sports industry spread raging like a storm war, tiger has always been a small role to grab what lens, like a small fresh ziyuzile, quietly doing the things you love, but accidentally started to become a new force in the important sports website.

from the beginning of 2012, has always been low-key, tiger began uncharacteristically frequently appear in public. The most sensational appearance was undoubtedly the first round of the Spanish Super Cup in August 24, 2012, when Barcelona played against Real Madrid at home. During the game, on the sidelines of the billboard "tiger sports network" 5 eye-catching characters Chinese so many fans restless.

, just two months before this appearance, tiger has just announced the completion of the $40 million B round of financing, and plans to be listed on the gem 3 years. In fact, even the founder Cheng hang himself did not think, hoopCHINA this year for work, actually will take root in 9 years, China gradually grow into the most influential sports portal.

according to the latest data released, Tiger flutter registered users have reached 16 million, the daily average PV reached 100 million, UV more than 4 million.

from scratch,

does not go after what hot Internet concept, also do not have the pursuit of wind money, when the tiger is founded, it is the life that does not have any ambition from scratch, however, it really catches up with good time.

2003, the 24 year old student studying in Chicago, Cheng hang began planning basketball forum hoopCHINA, which is the predecessor of tiger wing. A year earlier, Yao Ming, 23, was chosen by the Houston rockets to become the second Chinese player to land on NBA, a new wave of basketball in the country. People’s enthusiasm has been ignited, but at that time the domestic basketball information is still rather scarce. Today, the first big basketball newspaper, "basketball Herald", will be launched only once a year after the launch of the hoopCHINA.

January 1, 2004, hoopCHINA officially opened to the outside world, the day 7 people visited the only 2 plates of the forum. The 7 men What’s the name? Now has been unable to research, but the tiger fortunately it stood in the forefront of the years of basketball — to promote almost any vertical website cannot do without the outbreak of the industrial environment, with the help of those years NBA in Chinese hot, this simple basketball on the altar after 2 years time >

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