Comsenz founder angel investor Dai Zhikang had a young lesson

lead: to give users a better experience, continue to let users have more and more feel good, very comfortable, very cool experience, this is a concept we all do will always adhere to the product manager.

at the age of 30 New Year Carnival Festival and entrepreneurial upstart entrepreneur 8th anniversary anniversary, from Comsenz founder, angel investor Dai Zhikang, with the share of "young" had a lesson.

[dry extract] Dai Zhikang:

these 10 years I thought of a problem, our mission is not to meet the needs of users? Many of our students, including my own power year business, is to let oneself have a better life, more comfortable, more money, more famous, more status. But the problem is that entrepreneurship is really a very uncomfortable thing, I had to temper his temper, do 3 years of service, the 3 years of service with countless white users and super white users, every day I endured great pain with each of the 10 customer service phone, customer service phone there are so a few scolded me I suddenly realized that pour out a torrent of abuse, it is a road of no return, this time the power I venture has made a big discount, I think hard entrepreneurship is not cool to own it, why I choose to abuse? Then I want to understand, the original business itself is a battered, you must also feel abused after pleasure, so you become entrepreneurs.

today we will talk about entrepreneurship story is good, how to finance, how to make users, how to market, the real entrepreneurs should understand, the entrepreneurial process is actually a process of looking child, only a day with the achievements of others, the achievements of the user, let your heart constantly abused, constantly uncomfortable, this attitude of entrepreneurship can be. I have an idea now is to contrarian is not said against the trend, but against your inner feelings, what is called against the inner feelings? I created a child heart Dafa, looking for the employees in the company every day does not love to chat with him, this process really I enjoy very much. Through this "heart of mind", I gradually understand how the market is doing, how sales are done, financing is how to do, and gradually from a technical staff into a look like a little bit of entrepreneurs. The success or failure of an entrepreneur is not the result of fame and gain, but the growth he experienced in the process.

in fact, every entrepreneur has long, have a short version, I don’t think our strengths to maximize enough, a person’s mind is need to temper, not by doing good things, but you are the weakest environment, customers, competitors, to the last harvest this is a very, very unhappy child heart but very good growth process.

entrepreneurship seems to be a thing, an ideal, if we start just in order to reap returns, it is too small to see this thing. A real business is a success or failure

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