A student’s online entrepreneurial experience

a chance, I come from this ditch the students contact the electronic commerce, and the first online shopping experience, from now on, strong interest and curiosity made me indissoluble bound to the electronic commerce.

by chatting with my first seller, I gradually got the idea of starting an online business and gained a lot of valuable knowledge. At that time, cash strapped me if you really want to come up with a sum of money to the business, can be said to be impossible, so the free online shop business is indeed very real for me. In fact, for many people who open shop, no business is their ideal choice.

online shop is very important to choose goods, I through the analysis of the survey on electronic shopping online, the online consumer fire commodity rankings, followed by cosmetics, recharge, health care products, digital, leisure clothing, books etc..

secondly, it is also important to choose a good shop opening website. At that time, several major C2C platforms were eBay, Taobao, and pat.

my choice of goods shop is hairdressing supplies, the main reason is that I am on the online consumer analysis results, there is not far from the old school of hairdressing Zhaobi is the wholesale market. Open shop is generally not a cost, several e-commerce platforms are free, after the payment of the buyers before going to the store to pick up business entity wholesale delivery, no risk, as long as the commodity price, and describe the pictures uploaded to the shop, you can open for business. Of course, good business must also be more online activities, such as forums, QQ promotion, etc.. I like the ordinary shops, to be buyers in Taobao search found that is almost impossible, because it is the goods inside too much, the most that we are dissatisfied with the ordinary sellers, all of them are high priority search users, such as consumer protection, senior mall, crown users. No more recommended qualification, can be said to be using our ride. Therefore, the key has to rely on their own efforts to promote.

Soon after, I

God helps those who help themselves, have the first deal, after also has several deals, but not much profit, even a single fraud, there is a single because of the wrong goods to return back and forth for a month, lost money, really depressed.

once again accidentally discovered that there is a city called "C2C free enterprise platform", in many cities in the country has developed very well, and there are hundreds of sellers of light Changsha. I believe there are a lot of friends more familiar than I purchased the city with very limited knowledge and scanty information is the main characteristics of his, all the goods and the seller is the preferred City show, interoperability, especially combined with the city’s business, catering and entertainment business yellow pages, word of mouth, effective accumulated popularity. As you all know, it’s not a problem to manage online stores on several platforms at the same time. In this way, the city bought assistant tools, so I spent less than half a day, and opened a similar shop on Taobao.

unexpected harvest came, just bought in the city on the day of the shop >

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