Google why can’t spell Baidu

personally, I think there are several reasons for this:

1. domain name: it is not difficult to find that, for a novice network (China), Google domain name to be difficult to remember than the baidu domain, baidu domain name comes from a classical poem " China; a hard to find, really " because the baidu domain can quickly be remembered;

2. user experience: I feel Google is a lot of progress recently, in the art, functions and so on, but found that Baidu is still closer to the Chinese people’s pursuit, baidu always able to seize the latest needs of the people;

3. users from the age analysis: I think Google from this point is a chance to beat the Baidu, now China territory Baidu why, mainly because there is a large part of older users in him, actually a lot of young people are using Google, so this will take time;

I personally feel overall, Google one day will exceed Baidu, because the Google continuous improvement in their function, baidu is now engaged in the auction site, do not accord with the people’s search experience is required, as long as the money can afford it can be spread up, I found a lot of auction website user experience is too bad. We might imagine that a user does not search your desired information search engine what is


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