Case study of station building the development of China Health Net


information collection and localization combined with

current information collection, mainly from the internet. Local medical news and industry regulations in addition to part of the news for our station reporter directly involved in writing, most of them are collected by the competent department of health medical website and local web site. But this kind of website renews slowly, timeliness is not strong, the information lags behind. We should strengthen contact with medical institutions, the implementation of the implementation of the timing hole, decompose in place, collect the latest news and information, understand some news about the local hospital through other network platform (even if it is negative or the doctor-patient relationship of this kind), in-depth reporting or tracking reports, causing the users attention, causing hospital attention and attention.

disease health information collection, remember to integrate with the local. In order to combine well, you must understand the local dynamics of the medical profession in the above work, and introduce the XX local counterparts as closely as possible to the introduction of any kind of disease. For example, a kind of disease, to this kind of disease can be collected through the Internet causes, symptoms, and some experts in terms of the hospital XX described, then the best links on where this kind of disease can be treated, what the doctor for this kind of disease is good at. On the one hand, it strengthens the relationship with the hospital, on the other hand, it also enables the XX people to know where to find a solution and see a doctor after suffering from this kind of disease.

has a local home health medical information collection channel is XX radio, they each topic and interview content, can be used on the site, can even open up a column, the interaction increases with the radio, sharing resources.


The comprehensiveness and focus of

information publishing

a professional theme website, in addition to professional, should also have readable (see) and interesting, that is, in addition to professional, but also attractive places, will not be so boring. To do this, we must first analyze the audience. We need to know what groups of people are viewing the health network, the age groups, what kind of issues they care about, what kind of content they like, and what kind of help they want to get on this website. And these, you need to through some data statistics and investigation. At present, the survey channels we can do include two kinds of website investigation and random investigation. The website survey questionnaire through the web site on the way, but the data collected is not much, a small amount of health network access, the two is the people’s active participation is not strong, unless some prizes survey. However, this method can also test the current situation of our website and the current degree of user participation. Another way is through each QQ on the local users, requests users to provide the required information, mobilize everyone to participate in the acquisition of such data is generally more real, the amount is relatively large, can grasp the main purpose of the local Internet users and places of interest. Under investigation >

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