How to do a good job of local bus website

bus sites may not do much because of possible regional restrictions, and the bus site profit model is not very clear, many people do not want to patronize the bus site. However, the bus site will do its own good many benefits. For example, if you do a local website forum when you do a bus station, you can through the bus site to your local website forum brings popularity. And if the local bus is more developed, the bus site is also easier to find advertising.

below tell me how to do Kunming bus website, say bad, please give advice.

1, program problems: because I am ASP dynamic program, search engine SEO is not very good, so I made a lot of changes, and can be changed to a static page where I have changed to static. Because the bus station doesn’t need to be updated regularly, I’ve added a new bus news channel, just to update the news regularly and increase the search engine friendliness.

2, friendship links: links are of course very important, because it is a local bus station, you can find some other places of the bus site and Kunming local industry site for friendship links. But we still value the PR value, so new sites looking for links may be more difficult, mainly through some early soft Wen promotion, advertising and other forms do some anti chain will be better.

3, propaganda and promotion: do a good job site, the most important, of course, publicity, promotion, how to advertise? How to promote? This is a big problem. Because it is the first place where site promotion is of course the local QQ group, the two day I added a N Kunming local QQ group, not advertising, don’t talk, because it is easy to play, it is time to ask who I was talking, tell him how to do the bus, then the bus lines to him, if he feels good will of the website. But it need to always pay attention to some drawbacks, QQ group, if there is a local website forum to promote it good, often say, is not for everyone to see and then send their forum news, it is easier to gather attention. The second is the main local forum and Baidu, often look at the local forum and Baidu know Baidu Post Bar did what the Kunming local ask any post, reply immediately, of course to add your site connection.

4, update maintenance: bus site does not require regular updates and maintenance, but when updating maintenance is also a good time for publicity and promotion. When each line updates, go to the local forum, local QQ mass advertising, do a reminder, a line updated…… And so on, in general, such ads will not be deleted or kicked, may also bring good reputation.

5, profit model: the profit pattern is a bit difficult, businesses are not necessarily willing to find businesses, only to find counterparts of the cooperative advertising, or look at the local bus station bus what are advertising, then directly call. Of course, the premise is your network

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