Experience of B2B classified information platform chain construction

recently collected more than 200 B2B classification information platforms, and passed one test release chain. I finally got some experience to share with you.

1. contact information

B2B sites are mostly enterprise development of their own source code, but there is still a part of the use of universal templates, according to my statistics, about 1/3 or so with the desoon template. When this template is used to improve the company’s information, we have the URL option, fill in our website, and show the hyperlink form, which is displayed in the contact information of the front desk.


2. links

Links B2B is not too much, so each one of these sites are cherished, and most of these sites require us to do a Links to them, this is harmless to our website, or even beneficial, because we are an Internet website, should there is a link in, there are also links out. Links to other sites as well as links to our own shops? And also to get a link, why not


3. product release – link to user requirements


product page is an important link page, as well as a page that activates the user’s needs. B2B platforms are usually manually audited for product releases, and products that have links are hard to pass. But if the link reflects the needs of users on the page, then this link can usually through the audit, how to link to reflect the needs of users? I used mode is: "network for personal image design: ***.cn." This will reduce the chain of suspicion, increase the administrator’s sense of identity.

4. information page

information pages relative to the product page, most of the management is not so strict, and many do not need to review, this is a link can not be ignored. There are even a few B2B sites that can declare the author and source URL in the information section, which is an anchor text.

B2B now platform outside the chain although compared with last year weight declined, but compared to flooding the forum outside the chain, quality is higher, and whether the company is doing the products or services, can be popularized in B2B, not only do the chain, and added a promotional information, Why not?


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