How to quickly improve website weight

in the forum to see someone asked how to increase the weight of the railway station, is about two days before the new website Baidu big update ranking in severe decline, the conclusion is mostly due to the weight of the new website is not so ranking drop.

how to increase the weight of new sites, etc.? Is a good way, but also a choice of lazy webmaster. It will be nice to wait a while, but how long can I wait until I ask Baidu?. So, diligent webmaster will ask, in addition to wait, is there no other way to increase the weight of the new site, so that the site can climb up as soon as possible?


Baidu weight, Baidu did not directly come out, but we can refer to Google’s PR and Sogou SR. I think that raising the weight of Baidu only need four words: the chain + originality.

outside the chain, and not let you to mass garbage link, but to have relevance of the chain, in the high power of the big web site outside the chain. Can the big website why to give you to put an outside chain? The friendship link definitely is not good, unless you have relation or RMB. There is also a reciprocity principle, so small websites that want to make links to big websites offer information content to big websites. As I love May day Axin song, so built a graceful May day fan blog, Baidu was included, with the website links that people do not want to, but now I’m free to write you an article published, plus a small link to your extended information, so always be right. This is the so-called soft Wen, a bird known to write soft learning to fry a website selling tea, if two days to get to the baidu home page, link carefully about his website, Admin5, Chinaz, or from DoNews, irsearch, itber, a few information, so write a few information soft technology, to the high point, now the editor is gone. Under the transfer, or to please, save your link. Otherwise, a few days later, after being reprinted everywhere, the Baidu spider ah, Google spider ah, it has been around your site climbing over and over, because there are links to you everywhere ah.

, for example, games, etc., original, original is not difficult. As long as you write the words in your mouth, it must be original, what you want to write. He has no one to see, he is better than you write an article collected ten articles, which spent time and energy is almost the same, so it is used to change its type in a few words, a few times Ctrl+C Ctrl+V. Weight with webmaster efforts, increasing, refueling.

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