Personal experience which domain name registrar chooses which good

just now a friend asked me which domain name service provider was of good quality and raised a lot of questions.

in this grzzzj is also written according to their experience, let us refer to.

takes the COM domain name (COM and CN domain names are no different, are all agents, distribution agents, DNS server)

domestic COM domain name top agents are many. Of course, the most common is the new network, new network, network interconnection. Everyone goes to CNNIC to check the domain name registration record. But grzzzj suggests you don’t register with several agents listed above. Why? Why? After reading the article, you’ll see.

many friends ask, which domain name DNS server speed is fast? Which DNS server domain name is stable? Which house’s price is good?


general personal and business is not necessary to the above 10 thousand nets, new network such that top agent to register the price, you can’t afford to. Of course, stability is not natural. Their COM domain name prices are mostly between 100-500 yuan, the price is the most expensive in the industry.

top service providers whose security are similar, but the channel is still the three largest domain registrar is better, if your domain name registrar do, people can not find, you can find a top-level domain registrar. Domain name security is also very important, some illegal domain name agents modify your registration information at random, leading to lost domain names and so on. So, grzzzj remind you that when the registration of the domain name registrar selection is very important, there are two principles: first, try not to M-net, new network etc. these top registrars registered there, their registration prices are very expensive, and find them under the agent registration, at least the price will be cheaper than half. Two, for the two agents (Beijing Wan net domain name registration, subordinate agents) will be a good choice of formal, the reputation of the domain name registration two agents, or on your domain with future security risks. In accordance with the author’s experience, my two domain names are registered in the product network (, has been three years, relatively stable, easy to operate, DNS parsing is also very fast. I hear they have six DNS servers.


DNS server determines speed and stability. Grzzzj frankly: now the network, the new network, new network domain name because they are too many users, so the parsing speed is very slow, it is best not to use their DNS server. Of course, we are not Internet big companies, there is no money to do their own DNS server. Some friends don’t even buy virtual space, let alone WEB servers, DNS servers. So we can only choose the domain name registrar with fast DNS resolution.

, but their two tier agents are better off with their own DNS servers. The speed is very fast.

, let’s do a test: my <

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