Operation and management concept of heroes on the website of Shu

did you ever wonder where the website was going to be optimized?


did you ever know that website development is divided into early, middle and late stages?

did you ever know that the development of the website requires the tacit understanding of the five generals?

believe that many novice webmaster (including some old webmaster) are confused, in the website did not make money, no profit when, do not know from what aspects of optimization properly, can quickly make its website profit. My personal summary of 3 years of experience in website promotion, website optimization will be the brightest subdivision for five generals of Shu, this paper will introduce the key elements of which five general representative sites, and development potential. Please criticize me.

noun: the PDCA cycle is a logical work procedure that enables any activity to proceed effectively, especially in quality management.

is the first appearance of Zhuge, Zhuge is the central figure of Shu, his relationship with the success or failure, he can make the right decision and planning for the development of Web sites, leading other elements of mutual coordination and rapid development, so he represents the website which elements? Respectively (domain name, content, type of site the page design, management, profit plan etc.). Web content is king, coordinated development. It’s also a plan for the PDCA section of the website".

the second appearance of the Guan Yu, Guan Yu Shu generals talent, his relationship with life and death battle both intelligent and courageous, website and the competitor, the early development of the protection of other elements of good website fast and safe in his website. At the same time, it can also suppress competitors and promote the value of the website in the industry. He represents the website (customers, traffic) – quickly learn competitors website, snatch customer resources and traffic.

the third appearance of the Wei Yan, Wei Yan to swim off, only one person to suppress competition Guan site is extremely limited, but after the extension of competitive intelligence in the development of Web Wei, our website can make prevention and beyond the programme of activities for the first time the development of competitors. Be aware of what advertising websites do, how they win visitors’ tastes, how they manage teams, and so on. In a word, Wei Yan is the first hand of our website’s intelligence agent and development plan. – site development of industry intelligence, access to first-hand news information. This is the PDCA link in the inspection, that is, to sum up the results of the implementation plan, identify what is right, what is wrong, clear effect, identify problems.

fourth appearance is Zhang Fei, brave and swift, tough fierce. He relates to whether can website medium-term profitability, for the later development of me party website (profitable) lay the foundation, he represented under Guan Yu, Zhuge Wei Yan, with the development of the website, all kinds of resources have a certain foundation, it is prime time website development, website development is medium the. – using the resources accumulated in the early stage of the website, summarizing and utilizing the customer service requirements >

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