New station the most cattle the fastest promotion method

a lot of new webmaster do website promotion website, are busy, this is the most tired, as long as it is done site will know, of course, money is comfortable, can not see the effect of thousands, tens of thousands of fast only enough SEO, want to spread to Baidu first, smashing all the money, you can go to my website look at the http// crystal free movie network is entertainment, very successful, the new promotion methods common

1 navigation landing site, the site navigation has about 20 real effect, the specific 20, you probably know better than me, try to log in, as long as you have a website, keep to effort, there are always unexpected harvest, I now have 5. Stand by, do not forget the more than 100 small and medium-sized Web site navigation, those sites, although not directly flow over a day, or 2-5 IP, but after logging in, there will be good for search. Intangible effect.

2 friendship connection, just started, just find some links, such as you do when a large, re screening, leaving some of your useful links, for example, leaving some of the same type of website, leaving some valuable links, high PR, or authority. However, when you delete someone else’s link, don’t forget to tell the other party. Deleting someone else’s link will make you angry.

3 search engine ranking landing big search companies have their own navigation, or their underlying search source, Google Dmoz and Google and Baidu navigation, the essence of know, are the source of their search.

Is to spend money to do the

4 network advertising has some advertising, have a friend, 100 yuan a month, a day to get 1000 hits, and is of high value to click, good to find useful to you advertising, there are some soft advertising, such as hundreds of Companies in the league do advertisers, free ad opportunity.

5 mail bulk mail, a lot of people think it is not worth, but still can use, lies in your mail itself settings and value.

another website user subscribe mail, this marketing method is still good.

6 viral marketing, at present the best way of advertising is not a virus oh, think about how the virus spread, if your promotion is similar to Domino. Or instantly infect and explode in your users, and discuss it with your users, and you will succeed.

7 BBS this is a propaganda propaganda skill and strength is combined with the experience of each person is different, the publicity is not the same, I just want to tell you one thing, there is a friend, Forum promotion is very strong, a day of promotion probably new flow 5-10 million ip. And his classmate, also is stationmaster, one day also is Forum >

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