Movie station heartless blow grassroots webmaster whether think transition

, with Youku, Sohu, music, and other major video sites mercilessly combat piracy, do movie station friends have had the idea of transformation?.

is a good idea for me transformation, why would I say so, should do the best is the operation, which is SEO, no matter what we are to do the site SEO, so when we face a cruel blow, personal advice or transformation, there are many factors, there are also many. Say. But for a grassroots webmaster, you do not have the background, awesome weight you must transition. There are many advantages to the transformation, but there is only one drawback.

advantage 1: avoid the risk of being asked to drink tea

many of the movie stations have been taken to the police station for tea, and even more so, not exactly.

advantage two: the competitive power of the movie station

do a lot of movie station friends all know, the movie station, this industry has a lot of people, a lot of people did not succeed, there are a lot of people, but it is not successful to ruin, because of the considerable efforts to combat piracy, most of them were forced to close, the film is a station not long, can only do short-term, movie station in terms of competitiveness, SEO is quite difficult, so the movie station is not so good to do

advantages three: after the transition, perhaps you unexpected surprise

is a great transformation for the webmaster of a problem, because many webmaster films are generally do the movie, but when you come into contact with the other site, you will be at a loss what to do, so in this case at a loss for the owners, you can also learn more knowledge unknowingly, because when our transformation, I will be exposed to different CMS, the optimization methods are not the same, not the same way of collecting. Good, for example, I, in the transition to contact different CMS, not the same collection, not the same ideas and ideas, for the webmaster circle you are benefited a lot.

advantages four: formal, no need to worry about being caught,

relative to the movie station, we have a lot of time so when we always on tenterhooks, after the transformation does not have this problem, because we know that in the time of transition, not illegal to do stand, conscientiously do a good job in a station is king.

and other advantages, you need to find in the exploration.

, now let me tell you how to make a good website.

for the transformation, we can choose the best one competitiveness is not so big in the industry, I believe we also want to go, so when we need to think a lot after the transition, the past mistakes, go to correct him, and then use this new web site, in the choice of the domain name, server selection and business site selection procedures. For domain names, we’d better use simple content

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