Why one hundred thousand joke red burst 3 years behind so secret


January 1, 2015, the movie "one hundred thousand cold jokes" in the courtyard line. In the evening, the actor’s voice teacher Jay insomnia, he lay in bed to voice director sent a WeChat: "too shocked."

is more shocking in the back, he can not think of. 10 days later, "one hundred thousand joke" exceeded 100 million at the box office, in 2015 to become the first at the box office of the film.

‘s box office revenue is not high enough to compare it to a total of only 15 million yuan of production and marketing costs, you know what it means.

as "one of the one hundred thousand films produced" cold jokes, Yaoqi fame. More importantly, it gives China animation industry once malaise brought a real evil spirit: the animation of this matter, in the "one hundred thousand joke" to become a cultural symbol, new-new generation, and become fame.

so, "the Yaoqi Yaoqi body, where are


comics is not a business, but become a cartoon has become a business

"Chinese milk which is so violent?" "to call me queen; good king!" "we are Tucao star who is not; I will Tucao Death Star" "it seems that you are not does it cry to the Yellow River heart die for a grander sight on a more floor"……

2012, strange shapes, styles respectively with a spoof of accent gourd, Na Zha and Wang 20% anime sensation, even stars Jay Chou personally participate in their voice. As of the end of 2012, 1 billion people on the Internet to click on this is called "the one hundred thousand cold jokes" cartoon. These role lines became people laugh at each other’s pet phrase, even when people talk would deliberately imitate the animals and Na Zha Wang two tone.

a cartoon really so great charm? Some people began to pay attention to "one hundred thousand joke" behind the secret company.

2006, Zhou Jingqi and Dong Zhiling founded when Yaoqi, two people want to do is actually a "domestic original comic platform". At first the Yaoqi comics comic book, slow development, would need to slowly, little by little accumulation and cultivation. Moreover, they are ambitious to make a move in the Chinese cartoon industry, when a foot, but has been found in ruins.

in the vision of Zhou Jingqi and Dong Zhiling, Chinese cartoons have industry with a complete industrial chain, they need to do is to choose a suitable starting point, such as at the beginning of the company scale, go along this chain. However, walking halfway before they found the industrial chain is no bubble: a group of advertising agents, no stragglers and disbanded soldiers, decent production team, no distribution channels, no disk access man.

everything has to come. "Road and bridge is the need of time >

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