The soul of the web server


chain for the king, after the content", "user experience is now the most important search engine", "the natural ranking with the flow", "our site one day ip10000" and so on, all kinds of remarks on the noise and dust, a company’s network operations, at least two or three people, more than dozens or even hundreds of people, the whole to turn around the site. In particular, the most popular SEO and SEM now make many companies look like treasures, but it seems that everyone has overlooked the soul of the web – the server.


why is the server the soul of the website? The server is the necessary carrier to open the website. It is the soul of the content of the website. The website without the server is inaccessible to the user. It is like a astepping-stone to success, what website ranking, ranking what are the clouds, even if the ranking is good, the website cannot open, users can browse the user experience, these are empty, the site can be opened is the first key.

what harm does it cause if the server is not good?

1. users cannot access normally. No matter what channel users enter the website, Baidu, Google, soso, advertising alliance, offline, forums, blogs, these channels access, users can not access, which is the biggest harm to users.

2. allows users to have a bad influence on the brand image of the enterprise. For example, like SF express, Taobao mall, logistics companies, etc. some machinery company has been in the local or national well-known tourist own brand, the user opens the brand’s official website, found the site open, the first time, users will directly off the second times, slowly several times, the user will think this brand is not trusted.


3. site is K. If a web site for more than 24 hours open, eighty percent may be Baidu K, many enterprises are relying on the search engine business, so if the site is K, a few months before the efforts wasted, but after a few months of internal profit, small companies may direct the closure in large companies, will be injured in the sinews or bones.

4. website operation team after the wind direction is unknown. The whole site operation team, if the site is facing the risk of not open, so for the construction of the team, was hit, after the construction of the whole team on site, so that the web server is very important.


server can be said is the basis of site, soul, vanguard, only has the foundation, will have the following website ranking, flow, brand image and so on. So at the beginning of building a website, be sure to choose a server that is good for your website. Whether it is a virtual host or VPS or their own server, you must choose the server of a good website, the server is the last to affect the development of your site late, avoid by all means

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